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Authorities Still Searching for Source of Loud Boom | News

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Authorities Still Searching for Source of Loud Boom

DOUGLASVILLE, GA -- Authorities in three Georgia counties are still baffled over the source of a loud boom that prompted a flood of calls to Douglas County's 911 Center.

"It sounded like a cannon went off behind my house," reported one caller.

"Almost like a sonic boom hit the house," said another.

The calls started rolling in at 9:37 Friday night, dozens of them to the noise so loud it rattled the walls and windows at Tony Dennis' home. He walked outside fully expecting to be a witness to disaster.

"I expected one or two of my neighbors houses to be on fire," said Dennis. "I thought, that sounds like a large exploding propane tank."

911 dispatchers spent close to two hours fielding calls and sending deputies to investigate, but there was no evidence of any type of catastrophe.

The loud noise was heard in the western section of Douglas County, as well as in areas of Carroll and Haralson counties. Thousands of people reported hearing it, many telling emergency officials that their it was enough to shake their homes.

The source of the noise has been a mystery ever since.

The head of Douglas County's Emergency Services at first suspected a train derailment or a gas explosion, but calls to the rail line and gas companies produced no explanation.

The US Geological Survey says it was not an earthquake, like the one that shook a portion of Douglas County several years ago.

The Federal Aviation Administration has looked at their radar, and reports there was no military aircraft in the area capable of producing a sonic boom.

Thus, an explosion of speculation.

"I immediately thought, I wonder where the space shuttle is, was there a mission?" said Greg Whitaker of Douglas County Emergency Services. "You start running the usual suspects through your mind."

So far, all of the usual suspects have been silent.

"Who knows?" said Tony Dennis. "William Shatner mysteries from outer space, I guess."

It's the mystery that goes boom in the night.


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