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Temple Tigers small but tough and definately real troopers | Community Spirit

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Temple Tigers small but tough and definately real troopers

I want to tell you about a great high school band here in Temple, Ga. They are under the direction and leadership of Mr. Corey Newton.

Some may not even know where Temple, Ga. is located so let me tell you. We are a small town in West Ga. located about 10 miles from Carrollton, Ga. 7miles from Bremen, Ga. and 7 miles from Villa Rica, Ga. We recently made the news when Soldier Boy got arrested here. Last year we made the news when a terrible accident happened killing one of Temple High School's football players. About 2 years ago we made the news when Temple Middle school had some boys play fighting in the restroom and others vidoed it on their cell phones and sent it to another tv station. While bad things have happened here in Temple there are many good things happening as well.

The Temple High School band is bringing lots of excitment to our small town. While last year's tragic death put everyone in mourning and unable to perform that well the rest of the year this year is much different as we have had about a year to mourn the football player's death, had some graduate last year and brought fourth many new freshman to add excellent talent and flavor to our band. Many competitions have shown that Temple is quite small but having won several trophies they certainly aren't slow learners or bad performers either. I am the mom of one of those freshman trumpet players so maybe I'm partial but frankly I feel a lot of pride towards all these band members. I've been blessed to be able to travel to all their away games and the county exbidition to watch them perform. Not only do they look sharp in their uniforms and how they perform but they are filled with school spirit beyond return. They are also real troopers when their team doesn't win.

Another time they were real troopers was several weeks ago at their first away game. We traveled 2 hours to Columbus, Ga. but were never able to perform. One of the Dads was driving a diesel truck with a utility trailer attached. His truck broke down just outside of LaGrange, Ga. leaving us with a hard decision of weather to wait hoping for help or leave him there and hope they would get it fixed and catch up before half time. Since many of the cheerleaders were riding on the bus with the band members we decided to go ahead and hope for the best. We all prayed and texted our families and friends to do the same. Oh for the joys of modern technologys. "Post it on facebook" I texted to one of the cheerleader's mom who is also my hairdresser. Onward forward we traveled making pretty good time.  Just as we got into Columbus it started raining. "Oh please stop" we all pleaded to the rain but to no avail it continued. An added note the football players had traveled earlier and were just about to come onto the field when we arrived. The cheerleaders put on their ponchos and arrived on the field just in time. The band however waited to figure what to do. We got text messages from the Dad drivng the utility trailer that he was unable to fix his truck and would be having it towed back to Temple. That saddened us but what could anyone do. Everyone had to use the restroom so off we went to find one. We were all beyond drenched trying to find the restroom. We head back to the bus miserably wet. Some of the kids stayed out in the rain playing in the puddles, why not you only live once and besides that they were already wet they later said. FInally around the end of the 3rd inning the rain stopped so  everyone decided to join the cheerleaders on the field to watch the remainder of the game. Why didn't the band have ponchos you might be wondering, they were on the utlity truck with all the instruments. I myself complained terribly only to look up to see the band members cheering with the cheerleaders having fun and making the best of a terrible situation. Then I looked at the score board to see we were winning 26 to nothing. Then another thing caught my attention: there were a lot more people on the visitors side than on the home side. There were band members and moms, football and cheerleader parents and other fans. I jokingly told the concessions stand workers they could have made good money if they had sold socks! We traveled home wet and cold but safe. We arrived back to Temple around 11:30 that evening to find it hadn't rained a drop back here. What a night but hey not everything goes perfect and at least we won.

The next week we traveled to another school just outside of Columbus and had much better luck: no rain at all, of course not since we all had a change of clothes and shoes! LOL! Go Temple Tigers! Yes we are small but tough and definately real troopers!

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