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3 UWG students among Peachtree T-shirt finalists | News

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3 UWG students among Peachtree T-shirt finalists

CARROLLTON, Ga. -- Three art students at the University of West Georgia are among the five finalists hoping to see their designs grace the T-shirts of 55,000 runners on the Fourth of July.

This is the fourth year in a row that UWG students have made it to the finals of the AJC Peachtree Road Race T-shirt design contest.

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In fact, the last two T-shirts featured work from graphic design students of UWG professor Clint Samples, who urges all of his budding artists to enter the contest.

Although UWG artists have been very successful in the past, Samples still warns them to prepare for possible rejection.

"It's like entering an art exhibition -- there's always the chance of rejection," he said. "That's something you have to live with as an artist."

The three finalists' designs were created last fall in Samples' Digital Media for Artists class.

Caitlyn Weathers' submission is a flag with the bars and blue field made up of sneaker prints. The 22-year-old senior dipped several pairs of sneakers in black paint and photographed them, then used Adobe Illustrator to change the colors and create her image.

"I wanted to include that," she said, referring to the enormous flag used for the opening of the race. "But I didn't want it to be just an image of the flag ... I was really honored that they chose mine."

Junior Clarissa Robinson, 24, created a picture of a peach made up of brightly-colored patches. "I'm really surprised," she said upon learning she was a finalist. "This is my first time doing something like this."

The third finalist, 22-year-old Mallory Royal, graduated from UWG last year. Her design features a painted peach and letters, some of which are made up of stars in honor of Independence Day.

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