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Aimee Copeland goes outside for the first time | News

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Aimee Copeland goes outside for the first time

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Aimee Copeland achieved two major milestones in the past few days.

Her doctors at Doctors Hospital in Augusta upgraded her condition from "serious" to "good" Monday.

And over the weekend, 24-year-old Aimee got the chance to go outside in her wheelchair for the first time since she was hospitalized with a flesh-eating bacteria in early May.

NBC's "Today" showed a picture Tuesday morning of Aimee and her parents enjoying the summer sunshine.

"The hospital photographer had heard that she was going outside, so she came running out and said, 'Let me get a picture!'" Aimee's dad Andy Copeland told "Today."

Copeland said that the trip outside helped Aimee temporarily forget her pain.

"She just enjoyed the sunshine on her face, the breeze was blowing through her hair and the smell of pine trees was really close by," he said. "And she just sat there and just took it all in."

Copeland also told "Today" that Aimee could be released from the hospital as early as next week.


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