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Ordinance would ban eating, hair brushing while driving | News

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Ordinance would ban eating, hair brushing while driving

VILLA RICA, Ga. -- Imagine getting pulled over for brushing your hair behind the wheel. Or putting on lip gloss. Or talking with a backseat passenger.

Tuesday evening, the Villa Rica City Council will consider a new distracting driving ordinance that might make that a reality. The ordinance would allow police to stop drivers for all forms of distracted driving, not just cell phone use.

It's the second attempt by Councilman Woody Holland to pass such a measure. Back in May, the council voted to ban cell phone use while driving, but Mayor J. Collins vetoed it, saying the issue is one better handled on a state level.

"I just felt it would put Villa Rica on an island and make it very difficult to enforce," Collins said Monday.

"We're just a small suburban city and I just felt that it was unfair to folks passing through who might not know what the local laws and ordinances are."

He calls the new proposal unnecessary, but won't say whether he plans to veto the ordinance if passed.

Meanwhile, drivers around Villa Rica are split on the issue.

"I think people need to pay attention to what they're doing," said driver Rusty Radloff. "If they don't, they've got two to three thousand pounds of metal just going wherever."

As a mother, Jonan Rowan agrees with banning cell phones, but thinks everything else is going overboard.

"There's times when you're out in traffic, nowhere to stop and your kid's out and you have to instruct them to get their seatbelt on," she said.

The council will meet Tuesday at 6pm at the Holt-Bishop Municipal Building.


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