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Missing Carroll County man found dead in Douglasville | News

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Missing Carroll County man found dead in Douglasville

UPDATE, DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. (June 4, 2014) -- The Douglas County Sheriff's Office found the body of a missing Carroll County man, Jimmy Wilkerson, 80, on Tuesday, three weeks and two days after he disappeared while taking an afternoon drive with his beloved maltese, BeBe.

According to Douglas County Sheriff's Captain Bruce Ferguson, Wilkerson's truck was found Monday afternoon, stuck in a creek in some woods near where West Strickland St. ends, off of U.S. 78.

Capt. Jeff Richards of the Carroll County Sheriff's Office said the spot where the truck had gotten stuck is "on a power line near the logging road access."

Capt. Ferguson said some people on four-wheelers, who lease the property, had spotted the truck, abandoned, and called the Sheriff's Office.

The truck matched the description of Wilkerson's truck.

Deputies from Douglas County and Carroll County, on horseback, and with the help of dogs from the Alpha Search and Rescue Team following Wilkerson's scent, found his body about a quarter of a mile from his truck.

They found Wilkerson's dog near the body, somehow still alive in some underbrush. A vet checked him out and said BeBe will recover. BeBe will live with Wilkerson's family.

"it looks like he got lost driving down Strickland St.," said Capt. Ferguson, "and then got stuck out there and couldn't turn around. He tried walking out but just couldn't make it. His money and his cane were still with him. His dog was nearby, scared and frail, but looked to be okay, otherwise. Mr. Wilkerson was diabetic and didn't have his insulin with him, our EMTs told us it's sometimes very difficult for diabetes patients after only a few hours if they don't have their insulin, and others might be able to go longer."

Wilkerson's daughter told 11Alive News last month that her father, who lived with her and her husband, enjoyed taking his dog on a drive every afternoon. He was never gone for more than a couple of hours. He would explore the country roads in and around Carroll County, and often visit relatives nearby in Alabama. He left with BeBe on Sunday, May 11, Mother's Day, and never returned.

The area where he was found in Douglas County is about 13 miles from his rural, Carroll County home.

"There were no signs of foul play at the scene," Capt. Richards said. "The Douglas County Sheriff's Office is handing the death investigation and recovery. Mr. Wilkerson's remains have been sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations Crime Lab for further examination. Please keep the Wilkerson family in your thoughts and prayers."


VILLA RICA, Ga. (May 13, 2014) – Jimmy Wilkerson's family and friends have been putting up flyers all around Carroll County. He and his dog BeBe are inseparable. They go for a drive every day; they're never gone for more than a couple of hours; they're always home before dark -- and they've been missing since their drive Sunday afternoon.

Wilkerson is diabetic and he needs his insulin. He does not have it with him.

Wilkerson lives with his daughter Meta Smith and her husband, Winston "Smitty" Smith. The Smiths had gone out Sunday afternoon, and when they came home, they waited for Mr. Wilkerson and his dog to come home from their drive.

"He had taken his dog for their daily ride – that's what they love to do, they're like best friends," said Ms. Smith. "He was in his Chevy S-10. I mean, he leaves without his medication because they're just going out on their daily ride."

"He doesn't have credit cards. He doesn't have his cell phone," said Mr. Smith, Wilkerson's son-in-law. "And so that was another concern – there's no real way to track him without cell phone or credit cards."

"Although we're always asking him to take his cell phone," Ms. Smith said, "just in case anything happened."

The Carroll County Sheriff issued a Mattie's Call for Jimmy Wilkerson, hoping someone might spot him. He's wearing overalls and a white or blue shirt. He has his Maltese, BeBe, with him. They are in his gray, 1982 Chevy S-10 pickup with a camper shell, Georgia tag number PD11EU.

Jimmy Wilkerson not only is diabetic and needs his insulin, he also does not have with him several other medications he needs to take daily.

Sometimes he drives just down the road to Alabama to see relatives who live there,

but he's always home within three hours or so.

Everyone has looked along every route he takes.

"He's retired. He's loving life, just living with his dog. They're best friends, they do everything together," his daughter said. "When he goes to Home Depot, he'll have the dog in the buggy. They do everything together, We just want him to come home. We just want him to come home. If anybody sees him, we just want him to come home."

Carroll County Sheriff's investigators call this an emergency; they are asking people to look for the gray 1982 Chevrolet S-10 with the camper shell. Call 911 if you see Mr. Wilkerson, his dog or the truck.




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