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Bill to kick slow-pokes out of passing lane builds support | News

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Bill to kick slow-pokes out of passing lane builds support

Everybody who drives has been there before: Stuck in the fast lane going slow because Captain Speed Limit and his pals simply refuse to get out of the way.
And while you're not supposed to go above the speed limit, it's also not your job to enforce it for everybody else trying to get by.
That's the job of your friendly state trooper. And if House Bill 459 passes, he won't just be looking for speeders. He'll be looking for slow-pokes passing time in the passing lane.
"It's aggravating," said Jeff Hilaire. "I don't have the patience for it. I'm very impatient when it comes to driving. I wish I didn't have to drive I wish I could fly."
At least Hilaire can fly past the slow traffic in his new Camaro. That is, until he runs up on those inconsiderate motorists who don't move out of the way.
"It's just one of the things I just learn to deal with," he said with a grumble.
Those sentiments are why the new bill has a lot of support both under the Gold Dome and on the highway, where aggravation can rev higher as your RPMs rev lower.
"When I go around them, (the slower drivers) are usually on a cell phone," said motorist Gerald Grady. "So I think when they're on a cell phone, they lose consciousness of what they're doing and fail to realize that people behind them are trying to get somewhere."
One of the goals of the new bill is to relieve the road rage that passive aggressive drivers can leave in their wake.
"I don't believe they should be doing the minimum forty," said Lonnie Jones. "They should at least be going whatever the posted speed limit is. But if not, it don't bother me. I just go around them."
The law already says you're supposed to get out of the way for faster traffic. But supporters of HB 459 say a 75-dollar ticket will be a good reminder of that.


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