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Missing man found dead, his dog remaining by his side | News

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Missing man found dead, his dog remaining by his side

CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. – A sad update about a missing man we told you about weeks ago – a Carroll County man who vanished with his dog. Jimmy Wilkerson like to get in his pickup truck and drive.

Investigators say for some reason, he drove down a dirt road in Douglas County, where his truck got stuck in a creek in the woods.

It was some 23 days before his body would be discovered.

When rescue workers got to the scene, they were surprised to find Jimmy's dog, BeBe – a little Maltese who went with him everywhere, and stayed with him even after he died.

God only knows what these eyes saw out there in the woods, all those days and nights. But one thing they never lost sight of was his best friend, Jimmy Wilkerson.


"The two of them were inseparable," said Wilkerson's son-in-law, Smitty Smith. "Wherever you saw one, you saw the other."

The dog's loyalty came with a price – broken ribs and bite marks show that he fought hard to live, possibly attacked by a coyote or bobcat. But even that could not chase him from Jimmy's side.

"I love that dog," said Meta Smith, Wilkerson's daughter. "We're going to take care of BeBe, like he took care of my father."

BeBe may be small, but he has the heart of a lion. He will remain at the vet for several days. He's in rough shape -- he took a beating out there. Wilkerson's family is devastated, but they take comfort in the fact that he died in the company of his best friend, BeBe.


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