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New details emerge in killing of 13-year-old boy | News

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New details emerge in killing of 13-year-old boy

CARROLLTON, Ga. -- For the first time Carrollton Police are saying how they believe 13-year-old Nizzear Rodriguez was killed.

Three people are facing murder charges. According to Carrollton Police Detective Blake Hitchcock one of the suspects, Kenneth Wheat, admitted to being in the house right before the fatal shot was fired.

"Ken goes up by the second step, thinks something is not right and turns around, goes back down the steps and walks out," Hitchcock testified in court Friday morning. "He says Malik is up the stairs at this point. Ken goes out the front door. At some point he hears the gun shot."


The three suspects, Wheat, Malik Davis and Jackquline Freeman may be friends, but each of them now has a different story as to why they were at Nizzear's house.

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Wheat told police, he thought they were going to the house to meet girls. Davis, meanwhile, told police he never went to the house.

But three witnesses put him at the scene including the person who police say drove him to the neighborhood. That same witness told police he saw Malik Davis had a gun and kicked him out of his car only feet from Nizzear's house.

The lawyers for each suspect have made it clear they plan to pin the blame on the other suspects.

Investigators have described this case as a web of lies. So much so, that there's now a sixth person charged in connection with this case. A warrant is out for a known gang member who is accused of lying to police.



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