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Pro wrestler trades the ring for a deputy's badge | News

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Pro wrestler trades the ring for a deputy's badge

CARROLL COUNTY, GA (WXIA) -- A former professional wrestler who made his living in the ring has made an unexpected career move. He's now carrying a badge.


It is the time of year where leaves fade and fall, but dreams don' have to.

Barry Buchanan – at age 45 – is starting his dream job as a deputy with the Carroll County Sheriff's Office.

"I've got a little more life experience than some of the guys that are starting," he said.

And what was that experience?

"If they don't know me as Bull Buchanan, they know me as Barry Buchanan," he said.

Wrestling for 20 years – including eight years in the World Wrestling Federation.

"We like to always say, it's our personality just turned up to volume 10," he said.

He wrestled with the Rock and John Cena. He traveled the world – but --

"There's no off-season, there's no breaks. Injuries happen, but you just have to kind of suck it up and go," he said. "I've been very fortunate to stay healthy, so while I'm still upright, maybe it's a good time to call it quits."

Barry Buchanan began last year at the Carroll County Jail – all while Bull Buchanan continued to wrestle twice a week. Now that Barry is becoming a deputy, Bull is hanging it up later this month, with a retirement event for charity.

"It's really just a chance to give the fans around here a show," he said.

He will then fade into a new kind of show. One of public service.

"Dreams do come true," he said. "I've lived one dream, now I'm starting another."


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