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Transcript and 911 call | Carrollton PD officer-involved shooting | News

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Transcript and 911 call | Carrollton PD officer-involved shooting

CARROLLTON, Ga. -- A Carrollton Police officer shot and killed a man Thursday night, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said.

According to the GBI, Carrollton Police Cpl. Chad Cook shot 40-year-old Kenneth Joel Dothard after Dothard reached for a gun. Click here for more information on the shooting.


Click below to hear audio of the final minute of the conversation. Warning: Contains graphic content.


The following is a transcript of the conversation as heard over the 911 call:

PD: Do you mind if I talk to you a second? Someone called, you sort of match the clothing description of the male that was just at the community center bank. Were you just there? And I'm not saying that you did anything wrong, I'm just saying they thought you had a firearm on inside.

Dothard: Well… I don't – I was up there and I just used the ATM but…

PD: Uh huh.

Dothard: I don't think that my firearm had anything to do with anybody.

PD: Well I'm just saying they saw a firearm and it scared them when you were walking up to them at the ATM.

Dothard: No sir.

PD: Well –

Dothard: Well yes sir, I was just up there and I used the ATM –

PD: Mmhm

Dothard: I got some money out.

PD: Right.

Dothard: But I mean I didn't have no confrontation with anybody.

PD: Well they didn't say- they said they didn't wanna stick around and see. You know what I'm saying?

Dothard: Yea.

PD: And so you do have a firearm on you?

Dothard: Yes sir.

PD: Okay. Do you have a permit?

Dothard: Well my firearm is… my personal… it's my loan and everything will add up about my firearm.

PD: I understand that. My question was do you have a permit to carry a firearm?

Dothard: Yes I have a permit.

PD: Do you have that on you?

Dothard: No sir.

PD: You don't have that on you right now?

Dothard: No sir.

PD: You know you should be carrying it if you're gonna be carrying your firearm.

Dothard: Yes sir …I didn't bother anybody

PD: I know. I didn't say you bothered anyone. They just they saw the firearm, and I don't see it right now, so I don't know how you had it when you walked up where they were able to see it.

Dothard: I guess they saw it when I (unintelligible)

PD: Right. And I'm not gonna be – that's –

Dothard: Like I said I wasn't bothering anybody. I don't believe that – I believe everything you're saying but I didn't bother anybody.

PD: So you saw someone –

Dothard: There's a video camera up there, if somebody said I bothered them.

PD: All right. You understand what I'm saying. There was someone at the ATM, correct?

Dothard: Well I was there then a car pulled up and he left or she left whoever it might have been. So I went to the ATM, got my little money out and I left.

PD: Okay. What kind of gun you have? You don't have to show it to me –

Dothard: A .38.

PD: OK and if you don't mind, is it in your side here on your right side?

Dothard: It's in a holster.

PD: In a holster? Okay. Well do you have any – you said you don't have your permit on you?

Dothard: That's right, sir.

PD: All right. And you understand that you're supposed to be carrying that with you if you're gonna be carrying your gun concealed, and all?

Dothard: Yes sir.

PD: You do understand that?

Dothard: Yes sir. But like I was saying I didn't bother anybody and I didn't cause any kind of disruption but I did see the car though, if you can get the the videotape up there.

PD: I believe that. Well they didn't say that. They said they were gonna stick around to see if you were gonna try to or not

Dothard: Yea.

PD: The only thing I've got here, they said (unintelligible)

Dothard: Yes sir, I (unintelligible)

PD: I don't know if you remember me or not – you used to work at Taco Bell?

Dothard: You were there when I filed a police report about my money being stole by a loan company. Was it you?

PD: Yeah.

Dothard: It might've been you.

PD: It's been a while back but I remember meeting you at the Efficiency Lodge.

Dothard: Yes sir, I still stay there. Been there for three years.

PD: Okay. You work at Taco Bell still?

Dothard: Yes sir.

PD: You got your I.D. on you?

Dothard: Yea.

PD: You don't carry your permit in your wallet?

Dothard: No sir.

PD: Why is that?

Dothard: I just don't.

PD calls dispatch to check man's name

PD: How'd you get your firearm?

Dothard: I bought it from a friend of mine. Yea, a friend of mine named (unintelligible)

PD: How long ago?

Dothard: Uh, it was, oh man, it was a few months ago.

PD: Okay. How much did you pay for it?

Dothard: Uh, maybe a hundred dollars at the most.

PD: Okay. It's a registered gun – you registered it and everything like that?

Dothard:Uh, no not yet.

PD: I'm just gonna ask you this, I know you got an I.D. and you can have an I.D. for many other reasons (unintelligible)

Dothard: Yes sir.

PD: Have you ever been convicted of a convicted felony?

Dothard: Yes.

PD: All right, you've got these cleared up?

Dothard: Yes sir, it's been cleared up; years ago.

PD: So you were able to get a license to get a firearm – to carry a firearm?

Dothard: Yeah, I didn't know I had to go to the courthouse or anything.

PD: Yeah, you gotta have a permit to be carrying a gun.

Dothard: I didn't know that.

PD talks to dispatch.

PD: So how long were you – what were you –

Dothard: What do I have to have a unit for?

PD: Huh?

Dothard: What do I have to have a unit for?

PD: I'm going to have a unit to come out here right now with these questions I'm asking you're making me feel like you know you shouldn't have a gun on you.

Dothard: Well the thing is, I was in the military.

PD: Don't, don't take that –


Dothard: Don't touch me

PD: Well don't take that gun out.

Dothard: I was in the military I have –

PD: Don't take that gun out or I'll shoot you!

Dothard: I have my authority to –

<Shots heard>

PD: Shots fired! Shots fired! Shot fired! Suspect is down!

DISPATCH: Shots fired in Carrollton

PD: Dispatch...

Dispatch tries to reach PD

PD: Dispatch, get an ambo somewhere else. Fire department (unintelligible) we're gonna have to shut the road down. Dispatch, just get me fire.

DISPATCH: They're in route.

DISPATCH: Other units are on the way.

PD: I got it clear.

DISPATCH: He got a gun?

PD: Leave him right there


FULL AUDIO: Click below to hear the entire conversation. Warning: Graphic content.



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