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Protesters want speeding trooper charged in death of teens | News

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Protesters want speeding trooper charged in death of teens

CARROLL COUNTY, Ga.-- Protesters are calling for justice after a Grand Jury failed to indict a former Georgia State trooper in the death of two teens.

With posters held high and chants pouring from their hearts, loved ones of Kylie Lindsay and Isabella Chinchilla protested against what they say is injustice.

On Sept, 26, 2015, the patrol car driven by Trooper Anthony J. Scott collided with another occupied by four teens. Dillon was attempting a left turn at the intersection of US 27 and Holly Springs road at 11:30 p.m. when investigators said the trooper, who just moments before was clocked at 90 miles per hour, struck them.  He didn't have his blue lights or siren on and was later fired. (Watch the dashcam video here.)

South Paulding high school students Kylie Lindsay and Isabella Chinchilla were killed in the crash. Dillon Wall and Benjamin Finken were badly injured. 

"If it were you or I, we were going 90 miles and hour, what do you think would be?" said Brenda Lawson, a family friend of both victims. "You think we would not get a ticket or anything. It's wrong."

PHOTOS: Group wants speeding trooper charged in deadly crash 

"We would like to have an unbiased jury that would be able to deliberate and hear all the evidence and video that no public has seen make a decision in the best interest of these children and their lives," said Lawson.The family staged a protest of the decision Friday afternoon at the Carroll County courthouse. Both families of the victims want a second grand jury selected to reviews details they say were left out.

They say the former trooper being fired from the force is not good enough and they won't stop until he's held accountable through the courts.

"This is not just a picture of a pretty girl, it's a picture of a life that was lived and should still be living if it were not for him," said Victoria Strickland.

On Wednesday, a grand jury announced its decision not to indict Scott for his part in the accident.


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