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Viral basketball video, featuring 100 ft leap, shot in Carroll County | News

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Viral basketball video, featuring 100 ft leap, shot in Carroll County

WHITESBURG, Ga. -- The video popped up on YouTube over the weekend showing a remarkable stunt:  A young man attached to a bungee cord leaps from a 100 foot tower.  As he free-falls, he hurls a basketball toward a goal set up on the ground.

The ball swishes through the net.  A cheer erupts.

"Harder than it looks," said Ethan Dennis, who witnessed the feat.  Dennis is a zip line and free-fall instructor at Historic Banning Mills, a resort in Carroll County which claims to have the world's largest array of zip lines.

The stunt was arranged and performed by The Legendary Shots, a crew of young men based in Hoover, Alabama.  "They're just a bunch of 18 to 20 year olds, and they've been doing this
since middle school-- going around (to) places, making crazy basketball
shots," said Dennis.

Dennis said the crew set up at Banning Mills last weekend, spending all day Saturday and most of Sunday trying to make successfully make the basketball shot.  They tried "probably close to 200 times," said Dennis.

Dennis said members of the group took turns ascending the tower, often barely missing the shot.  The man who successfully made the shot was identified as John Massey.

Dennis says they also tried to complete a shot while soaring on a zip line.  "They never made the zip line shot.  They were very close, but they never made it," Dennis said.  

A compilations of basketball videos by the Legendary Shots is posted here


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