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DINNERS ON A DIME: Real Southern Bar-B-Que | Restaurants

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DINNERS ON A DIME: Real Southern Bar-B-Que
DINNERS ON A DIME: Real Southern Bar-B-Que

DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. – This week, Dinners on a Dime features the best in local BBQ. Every Tuesday Where U Live chooses four favorite eats in your area for you to take your family and friends for a fabulous meal for a price that’s economically feasible in today’s economy.

Harold’s Barbeque is a pretty popular restaurant with those of the “old guard” Atlanta. Perhaps, pretty popular is an understatement because according to some Harold’s is “the Georgia Bar-B-Que”. The restaurant which was frequented by the late Southern writer Lewis Grizzard epitomizes old Atlanta; and they even still have a sign sponsored by Coca-Cola. Harold’s is cash only so bring your wallet. The restaurant is located at 171 McDonough Boulevard in Atlanta.

Popular wrestler Abdullah the Butcher chops and smokes the opposition in and outside of the ring. The restaurant, Abdullah the Butcher House of Ribs is known as one of the most reputable BBQ, soul food and Chinese restaurants in the area. At any given time, the distinct van can be seen driving around Atlanta lugging a smoker on a cab, hitched on the back. If you're fortunate enough to see the van follow it because good eats and a good time are sure to ensue. The restaurant is located at 2387 Fairburn Road in Atlanta.

Hudson’s Hickory House is the epitome of a dive restaurant however, according to local Douglasville residents. However, the restaurant offers some of “the best BBQ in the area”. From the outside Hudson’s doesn’t look like much but inside, the food and fellowship is free flowing. The restaurant has been owned and operated by the same family for 38 years and some say the Brunswick stew keeps getting better. Check them out at 6874 Bankhead Highway in Douglasville.

If you want a restaurant with a rustic feel and a good reputation, check out Williamson Brothers Bar-B-Q. The restaurant’s Marietta location was is known for being a popular hangout for presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich and many other barbecue lovers in the area. The restaurant offers catering, an online store and a hefty menu. The restaurant has three locations in the metro area. Visit them online for more information. 

Be sure to log on next Tuesday, we’ll share our picks for “Best Cupcakes”.


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