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Nizzear's grandmother can forgive, but can never forget | Families

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Nizzear's grandmother can forgive, but can never forget
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Nizzear's grandmother can forgive, but can never forget

CARROLLTON, Ga. (WXIA) – Thirteen-year-old Nizzear Rodriguez picked out the color of his room -- and then he painted it himself.

The mattress on the bed where he was killed is now gone, but his things remain -- like the agonizing memories.

His mother is inconsolable with grief, his grandmother is distraught, that a killer could climb the 16 stairs, right past her bedroom and shoot the boy she raised without hearing a shot.

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Outside, below the room on the second floor, neighbors pray. It is how the community is coping with the fact that the alleged killers are from the same neighborhood – that they were friends with Nizzear. One even spoke with his grandmother in custody.

Even though he was not the shooter, you didn't seek help," she said. "You still come in there. I realized you were in my house and you still didn't call the police. You still didn't call the ambulance to help him – you just left him there, dead."

Because of her faith, she says forgiving will be easier than forgetting.

"He asked to speak to me; they called me and I spoke to him," she said. "I give him forgiveness. 'Cause I have to. I have to. But I can't forget what he did.

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